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Freshmen newyears greetings

Our final issue of 2020 is here! Check out our new amazing sex scenes and stunning photos from Bali!

Remember our Freshmen Sale is still underway until the new year! One month access is at an all time low of only $9.95! Get those conversions in before the sale ends, there won’t be another sale for a while!

Have a good week with Freshmen!

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Since this is the final Freshmen for 2020, we decided to take a trip down memory lane and assemble a ‘Kinky Memories’ special.
First, we have Gino Mosca and Andy McAllister. This scene comes from near the end of our Kinky Angels time period and was filmed in Cape Town. The best thing about GD’s hoarding habit, is that he always chooses the best scenes to keep for special occasions.  This scene is certainly no exception.
Cameraman Lukas Ridgeston perfectly captures a languorous afternoon by the pool, with Andy and Gino using only sexy looks to express their desire for each other.  In fact, there is not a single word exchanged between the couple from beginning to end of this scene.  Words would only distract from the couple’s intense sexual chemistry playing out before us…


Our Christmas images on were all from photographer Benno Thoma.  However, for our KinkyAngels boys, Howard Roffman was a more frequent guest photographer. He often accompanied them on trips and holidays around the word.
This selection comes from their trip to Bali. As the trip was not a production trip, but rather GD’s holiday, there are no sex scenes from this trip. This is among the many photos and documentaries that were made which will not be released until GD feels ready to publish his personal memoirs.

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BelAmi Online > Hot boy Shane Sanders shows his twink hairy ass

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Heartbreakers from Belami

Reviewer: CooperDate: 10/14/2015
Source: Aebn

The beautiful boys of Bel Ami are back to charm the jizz right out of your cock in Heartbreakers.

Jim Kerouac is a golden god of a massage therapist with a sculpted physique and a sexy smile. As he works the tension out of smooth blond Tom Pollock’s muscles, the bulge in the towel around his waist grows larger and harder to ignore. Jim loses the towel and unleashes his raging rod, which he grinds against Tom’s ass. He slides it back and forth along Tom’s ass crack before burying it inside. With sensual oral interludes, exquisite close-ups of penetration, and a big facial for Tom, the scene starts this movie off incredibly well.

Next there’s a limb-tangling, hole-stuffing extravaganza with three gorgeous twunks. If you’re into scenes with guys who look similar to each other, then you’ll love watching this trio of smooth, dark-haired young beauties in a daisy chain of sucking and plenty of spit-roasting action. Colin Hewitt and cute, horse-hung Gaelan Binoche take turns filling up smooth-bodied Jason Clark’s mouth and asshole. But there’s more, because Gaelan sucking both the other guys at the same time is an image that will stick with you.

Colin returns with Jim from scene one. These are two immensely good-looking young studs, and it’s hard to say who’s hotter so just watch and enjoy them together. They suck each other off before Jim takes charge and owns Colin’s hungry hole.

Exotically gorgeous Jerry Wheeler (whom you might know as Paul Valery, Jirka, Gapo, or David Brauer) has come back to performing after some time away. He gets intimate on a couch with Claude Sorel, who’s a relative newbie. Jerry’s fat, juicy cock proves to be an excellent match for Claude’s mouth and asshole, stretching and filling him beautifully.

Out on a balcony in a hot, sunny locale, super-twunks Karel Ceman (aka Gino Mosca) and Billy Cotton flirt with some fruit. Blond Billy unleashes his cock, so Karel happily opens wide and sucks. They move inside, where Karel takes a pounding and receives Billy’s load in his face. They switch places, and after drilling Billy’s hole Karel jizzes on his ball sac.

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Last summer in Greece, Belamionline Greek summer.

Last Summer in Greece - preview

BelAmiOnline’s Greek Summer is centered around 1 stunning new series, LAST SUMMER IN GREECE. The first episode from the series of the summer kicks off tomorrow Saturday, June 25th only at BelAmiOnline. It begins with a stunning look at Mykonos as 3 BelAmi Beauties; Helmet Huxley, Jerome Exupery, and Hoyt Kogan begin their adventure on the sun drenched island. The boys find themselves wondering along and stumble upon a bevy of Greek gods playing ball on the beach. Intrigued by what they see, they decide to stick around and see how the game ends…They end up following beach boys; Marc Ruffalo, Roald Ekberg, Marcel Gassion, Adam Archuleta, Brian Jovovich, and Robin Michaux back to their house and stare stunned as they watch the boys from the beach begin to have an orgy. It starts with an oral suckfest that is nothing short of unforgettable. Part 1 of the orgy begins tomorrow and Part 2, the all-sex portion, is released next weekend.


BelAmi Gay Porn Orgy LastSummerInGreece XXX 6

BelAmi Gay Porn Orgy LastSummerInGreece XXX 7

BelAmi Gay Porn Orgy LastSummerInGreece XXX 9


Exclusive Belami release

For all lovers of the wel known european twink studio Belami we have a great offer for you.

Running Time: 105 minutes
Released:   04/2015
Studio Name:   Bel Ami 
Director:   Marty Stevens 
Categories: Euro   International   Bareback   Anal   Threeway   Czech   High Definition  
Description:   Triple the boys, triple the fun! With too much ass for just one dick, these cute Czech twinks feel that a threeway is best.

Model: Justin Saradon from KinkyAngels

Our images this month are a little preview of next month’s Freshman, Justin Saradon. Justin got his name as he reminded us a bit of a young Danny Saradon.
These are not the earliest pictures we have of Justin, but are some of the best, just as next month’s scene is not his earliest but we thought we would give you a treat by letting you see the scene where he takes on Joel Birkin.


Watch all his scenes now and vist: 



Typically, this “Freshmen” spot would feature an interview and a solo. In Danny’s case, you have recently seen those, so we felt there was no need to make new ones. Instead we decided to give you this complete photo session and video from our recent African trip.

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Below you find the latest new scenes from one of the best European twink studio’s. Click on the picture to watch the free preview.

10160.jpgAs the series proceeds the scenes are getting more and more intense and exciting! And there are 2 still to cum!

In this sixth episode of Scandal In Vatican 2: The Swiss Guard, Gino is disguised as a priest and left to wander the grounds of Castello KinkyAngelo to contemplate. He promptly catches the eye of Manuel Rios, the gardener: “A beautiful sweet young man meets a rough sweaty gardener” could have been a scene taken from The Beauty and the Beast but it’s not. Either Gino Mosca is not as sweet or Manuel Rios as beasty. Soon the sexy young priest will press deep and hard into the gardener’s muscled butt. In turn, Manuel will stick his hard tool into Gino’s slippery holy hole.


9569.jpgYou could be perfectly justified in thinking that these two sexy boys are twin brothers. But Kevin is a little bit older than Andy, and they aren’t brothers. Other than this, they look very similar; the same playful eyes, body type, cock size and sexual energy! Both like to tease and heat up the other’s desires. Touching, kissing and licking each part of their bodies as if they had known it forever. What great chemisry!


10159.jpgKinkyAngels’ newbie Thom is a cute blond and playful boy with a sexy ass. He seems to love the way Tony’s tongue is digging into his furry ass, with such insistence Thom finished by spread his legs and let Tony´s powerful curved cock get deep inside.


10157.jpgDylan is one of our most naturally kinky and sexually uninhibited boys. Ariel a dream, versatile and naughty and ready to take Dylan in all positions. My favorite is with Dylan lying on his side letting Ariel’s thick cock dig deep and hard in his slippery hole.


10244.jpgJim is a strong top. No matter who you pair him with, he’s always in charge. That’s why Hoyt admitted to being a bit nervous shooting his first scene for BelAmi with Jim. He didn’t know what to expect from this aggressive ass pounder. Later on Hoyt admitted he came for the first time while being fucked. What a great first time!


10156.jpgFelix is a big fan of ‘street workouts’, rather than going to the gym. He wants to show Jamie some good exercises to keep his body in great shape. But Jamie gets distracted by Felix’s smooth rounded butt which he wants to see wildly riding his big dick.


10153.jpgIn this new episode of Scandal In Vatican 2: The Swiss Guard, insatiable Brother Massimo and his 10 inch cock continue their sexcapade through the Castello KinkyAngelo. Brother Massimo meets Capitain Penetrati, who is standing bored at Monsignor Fellatione’s door, while the Monsignor is getting drilled by Guardsman Lecarri. Brother Massimo drags Capitain Penetrati into another room to fuck him condom free in several positions with his 10 inch holy grail.


10152.jpgWe knew that bringing Dalton Briggs to BelAmi will cause quite a stir. Every time an American hot guy comes, everyone wants to meet him. And Marcel is one of our most welcoming guys here at BelAmi. Just watch him arch his back and offer his hungry hole to our sexy visitor.


10154.jpgRhys and Rocco’s plan was to meet at home and cook dinner together. But apparently Rhys has another menu in mind: Rocco’s smooth lips as starter, Rocco’s long thick cock for the main course and Rocco’s great hairy butt as desert. A real connoisseur would say: Boccato di cardinale!

Love me tender


Watch Full HD movie now: Love Me Tender, Fuck Me Hard

Running Time: 112 minutes
Released:   04/2014
Studio Name:   Bel Ami 
Series:   Kinky Angels 
Director:   Luke Hamill 
Categories: Twink   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition  
Description:   When they make love, they know the ways to each others’ hearts… and to each others’ pleasure.

LOVE ME TENDER with Kevin Warhol, Jacob SalingerMozart, Picasso and Lovecraft: three men of mystery- mastering their crafts at ages so young as to make one believe in divine inspiration. Now we have porn-prodigy Jacob Salinger. Is it hyperbolic to compare Jacob to these great artists? Of course! But a beauty like Jacob invites hyperbole. While he may not be divinely inspired, he is certainly divine. As you observe Jacob kissing Kevin with abandon, deep-throating like a pro and bouncing on Kevin’s cock with apparent ease, you will find it hard to believe that this is only his second scene; his second time with a boy; and that his first scene and first time with a boy (Scott Reeves) was only days earlier. Hard-core fans might recognize the whirlpool.
This scene was shot with condoms because we were so anxious to shoot with Jacob that we couldn’t wait for the test results to come in. Can you blame us?




Scene’s preview: