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Twink Scout Adventures

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In over 3 hours of video, we’ll see some of the hottest Staxus Scouts in full action, and if these scouts have one thing in common, that is their urge to explore each other’s bodies, needless to say, their expeditions will end covered in cum!


Boy Scouting Fuckers Sc.3

Practice Makes Perfect

Studio: Staxus
Release Date: August 31th, 2019
Models: Jake Stark, Ray Rio
Keywords: Bareback, Twink, Big Dick, Anal Sex, American, Blowjob, Blonds, Rimming, Kissing

Description: Jake and Ray are clearly lovers in this scout devision, as both are just as eager to get into eachothers pants, and between all the kissing and stripping these boys both end up naked next to their tent where Ray is the first to show of his quick reaction skills by going down to jakes cock, kissing, licking and sucking it in the process, Jake to get’s his fair share of cock, as he sucks Rays cock, and they even get into a 69 possition where Jake shows off all of his sucking skills, leaving Ray groaning in pleasure! Needless to say we can all see where this is going when Jake starts rimming Rays ass which later will be filled by Jakes rock hard cock making him moan and almost scream of the pleasure Jake causes him

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Sucker Fucker Scene 4 DOWNLOAD

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Having been to subjected to a sensory-deprived experience of a premier-class nature, webcam model, Taylor Blaze, is now clearly in need of some satisfaction of his own – and little wonder! After all, despite having been sucked, fucked and treated like the self-disrespecting whore that he clearly is, he’s not yet been allowed the luxury of his own creamy climax. Well folks, that situation’s about to be changed big time now, as he’s led into a kitchen and quite literally lifted onto the island in the middle of the room for the kind of manhandling that dreams are made of. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy the attention of four other horned-up guys, whose only objective is to get your rocks off as quickly as possible? Cue a fantastic display of hardcore wanking and probing, with Taylor clearly pushed into seventh-heaven as a result. Of course, the fact that the pup is still blind-folded only seems to increase the intensity of the experience for him; and it’s no real surprise when the boy, who by this point is being furiously wanked to glory, reaches the point of no return. The result? One very satisfied customer; who is then left to finish his adventure with a shower, and a poolside soak in the sun.

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Forbidden Fruits Scene 3 DOWNLOAD

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Dimitri, Jake Stark, Jared Shaw
John Smith
Czech Republic
Bare Scenes
Run Time:
37 minutes
Release Date:

First things first – take note of the watermelon in the colander on the table at the start of this fantastic threesome. It may seem a bit of an innocuous addition to the film-set, and there’s every good reason that you’ll simply be relishing the sight of Dimitri and Jake Stark suck cock and snog each other’s faces off on the sofa; but believe us when we tell you that that innocent looking fruit is quickly transformed into the centrepiece of the action when the two lads decide to stick their schlongs into its fleshy pulp. What’s more, the kink doesn’t end there; with the two lads offering a slice of melon to their buddy, Jarde, when he arrives just a few minutes later, only to reveal their “trick” by means of a pic on one of their mobiles. It’s a thoughtful, teasing intro for sure; and it’s one that sets the scene for the kind of no-holds-barred threeway that we’re confident pretty much every fan out there is gonna enjoy.

After all, who couldn’t be transfixed by the sight of Dimitri and Stark literally fighting for rights on Jarde’s handsome ramrod? Or the almost beatific vision of Dimitri taking a ride on Stark’s shaft, before Jarde takes a turn at pounding the lad from behind? And then, of course, there’s the rapturous display surrounding Stark’s own sweet sodomy courtesy of the quiff-styled Jarde, whilst Mexican boy, Dimitri, gobbles away on his cock. All of which leads us nicely to the spunk-sodden finale, which leaves Dimitri’s face coated in a thick splash of pent-up cum; before all three spent lads lovingly enjoy the sticky fruit of their loins with a spunk-laden smooch. All in all, an instant classic!