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Giulio Pasolini Sticks His Butt Out For Jeroen Mondrian

Studio: Freshmen
Release Date: 29-01-2021
Starring: Giulio Pasolini, Jeroen Mondrian
Key Words: Bareback, Twink, Anal Sex, American, Facials, Blowjob, Blonds, Rimming, Jock on Twink, Kissing

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Jeroen discovers how hard it is to complete a workout with a raging hardon. Every time Giulio sticks his butt out, Jeroen’s cock gets harder and harder. Finally, he decides he has had enough of the training and decides to expend his energy in other ways. So, after one last set of squats, ‘to firm up the ass’, Jerome embarks on his own workout regime. Both of our guys today are versatile performers, with nice fats cocks and tempting asses. It is Jeroen topping today. However, we hope that they get back together soon for a repeat performance with Giulio as top.

Jeroen’s alternative workout regimen of great blowjobs, lots of rimming and deep fucking works great for Giulio as he shoots his load while Jeroen has his fat cock embedded deep within his ass.

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Freshmen newyears greetings

Our final issue of 2020 is here! Check out our new amazing sex scenes and stunning photos from Bali!

Remember our Freshmen Sale is still underway until the new year! One month access is at an all time low of only $9.95! Get those conversions in before the sale ends, there won’t be another sale for a while!

Have a good week with Freshmen!

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Since this is the final Freshmen for 2020, we decided to take a trip down memory lane and assemble a ‘Kinky Memories’ special.
First, we have Gino Mosca and Andy McAllister. This scene comes from near the end of our Kinky Angels time period and was filmed in Cape Town. The best thing about GD’s hoarding habit, is that he always chooses the best scenes to keep for special occasions.  This scene is certainly no exception.
Cameraman Lukas Ridgeston perfectly captures a languorous afternoon by the pool, with Andy and Gino using only sexy looks to express their desire for each other.  In fact, there is not a single word exchanged between the couple from beginning to end of this scene.  Words would only distract from the couple’s intense sexual chemistry playing out before us…


Our Christmas images on BelAmiOnline.com were all from photographer Benno Thoma.  However, for our KinkyAngels boys, Howard Roffman was a more frequent guest photographer. He often accompanied them on trips and holidays around the word.
This selection comes from their trip to Bali. As the trip was not a production trip, but rather GD’s holiday, there are no sex scenes from this trip. This is among the many photos and documentaries that were made which will not be released until GD feels ready to publish his personal memoirs.

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Model: Justin Saradon from KinkyAngels

Our images this month are a little preview of next month’s Freshman, Justin Saradon. Justin got his name as he reminded us a bit of a young Danny Saradon.
These are not the earliest pictures we have of Justin, but are some of the best, just as next month’s scene is not his earliest but we thought we would give you a treat by letting you see the scene where he takes on Joel Birkin.


Watch all his scenes now and vist: 



Typically, this “Freshmen” spot would feature an interview and a solo. In Danny’s case, you have recently seen those, so we felt there was no need to make new ones. Instead we decided to give you this complete photo session and video from our recent African trip.

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