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Twink Scout Adventures

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In over 3 hours of video, we’ll see some of the hottest Staxus Scouts in full action, and if these scouts have one thing in common, that is their urge to explore each other’s bodies, needless to say, their expeditions will end covered in cum!


Boyfun takes over the position from helix???

All the negative messages from helixstudios are not good for the studio. Insiders let us know that there is something wrong with the studio who told they are such a good “family”.

Why are exlusive models roll over to other studios? Why are affiliates blocked while they do the marketing work? We don’t know. What we know is that we find some good models back at the boyfun studio


Afther visit BOYFUN we can tell that what we see is a very good studio with many updates and fresh young twinks.  A memberschip is cheaper and the quality is high. It seems that this studio will take over the high position of the helixstudio in te next years.

Let us show you some pics from models on boyfun:

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor boyfun

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor boyfun devin lewis

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor boyfun

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor boyfun


Tobi Tease gets his tight asshole fucked bareback by Oliver Morgenson.

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Oliver Morgenson looks hot in his suit, but the boy looks even hotter without it. He’s been waiting for his handsome friend Tobi Tease (an appropriate name!) to come over after work, and as soon as he arrives they’re immediately getting started on the BoyFun. Making out and groping each other the two make their way to the table, shirts coming off, bare bodies slowly revealed, lips meeting warm skin. Reclining and ready to be serviced handsome young Tobi’s cock is rigid and quickly slipping between the experienced lips of his slimmer friend. Oliver knows how to please a buddy, there’s no denying that, working up and down the tasty cock, wanking his pal and sucking the precum from his pink and pale tip with a little ball sucking thrown in for good measure. His own long and slender cock is soon out of his pants, his buddy bobbing up and down on his stiff inches while his low-hanging balls gently swing and sway. He might not be as experienced when it comes to pleasuring another boy’s boner, but he’s clearly loving the taste of Oliver’s dick. As murmurs of pleasure become more insistent Tobi gets into position, offering his hairy little hole for his pal to slide into, an invitation young Oliver isn’t going to decline. His rigid bareback cock slips inside, the tip quickly followed by every turgid inch until he’s thrusting his shaft in and out, his big balls slapping around with every hump of his slim hips. Up on the table and at the perfect height Tobi lays back for some deeper thrusts, his dick wet with pre and bobbing around while Oliver works his slim dick in and out. The two young men are almost ready to end their evening tryst with wanked out cum loads, but not before Tobi impales his perfect little rump down on that dong for some riding. His junk bobs and slaps around while he works his booty on that boner, and soon enough it’s time for the boys to stroke out the creamy rewards of their horny antics. Watch as they shoot their cream over each other, ending their encounter with a sweet kiss.



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When twinky star Ron Negba wants something he just goes for it, not that his friend Casper Ivarsson is at all complaining about that when he’s accosted reaching for a snack in the fridge. The boy’s big uncut cock is quickly freed from the confines of his pants, rising up to meet Ron for some sucking. Their BoyFun has only just started, of course, he’s soon being led to the couch where both boys turn up the temperature even more, stripping out of their restrictive clothes to swap their delicious young dongs in a session of mutual cock appreciation. With the taste of each other on their lips and their smooth twinky bodies naked for exploring sweet Ron reveals what he’s really been craving, sliding his naked little rump down on his pal’s impressive dong. Casper loves the feel of his friend’s warm and tight hole around his cock, reaching to stroke Ron’s hooded shaft while he eases his slim frame up and down in his buddy’s lap. Casper goes deeper when he gets his pal on his back, pausing mid fuck to give his bottom buddy some tasty head before jabbing his bareback length right back in again. The spooning seems to do the trick for the young man, the prostate-prodding pleasure building up in his rigid cock as their moans of bliss escape their lips, cum leaping from his swollen tip and splashing over his tight stomach. While his ass flexes and throbs around Casper’s dick it’s soon too much for him, too, pulling out and rubbing his length, splashing his own copious boy cream from his cum hole, drenching Ron’s well-worked pucker and slipping his dripping cock back into him. Now that’s a way to work up an appetite!


Goodmorning with Oliver Morgenson – Jesse Evans

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It’s true that young men like these often find it hard to get out of bed in the morning, and although Oliver is determined to rouse his friend from those warm sheets and get him up and ready for the day ahead the handsome young man has other plans. Jesse might have been contemplating a long snooze throughout the morning but Oliver knows how to tempt him awake, revealing his hard uncut cock from his pants and giving it some stroking. It’s a shameless invitation for some BoyFun, one that dark-haired Jesse can’t ignore. With a little sensual kissing he’s soon focusing on his friend’s gorgeous pink boner, slurping his morning wood and getting a taste of the clear precum leaking from his hooded tip. With shirts off and dicks eager for more Jesse turns his attention to his friend’s smooth little pucker, parting his twinky cheeks and diving in for a lapping that soon has Oliver moaning with enjoyment. It’s not the blond boy’s ass that’s about to be plundered, however, Jesse is soon taking a seat in his friend’s lap, straddling his buddy and easing his naked little rump down on that rigid dong! Riding his friend and wanking himself off Jesse is in heaven, happy that his buddy managed to rouse him from his snooze with such an incredible offer. Taking a break for his own cock to be slurped deliciously Jesse lays back and enjoys it while Oliver gobbles his awesome boner, the taste of clear pre only driving him on. Round two of bareback butt banging will ultimately have them both delivering what we can only assume is just their first climax of the day ahead, a wild ride of cock fun with every position they can think of finally has Jesse crying out and erupting a mess of milky cream over his stomach, soon to be rewarded with a big splashing of Oliver’s warm cum right into his waiting mouth. This sure beats laying in and dreaming about cock, now Oliver will have to maintain this delightful morning wake-up call for the future!


Boyfun presents: Lucas Drake – Taylor Mason

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We’re sure a lot of guys get into massage professionally for all the right reasons, but you surely have to admit that the prospect of being able to lay your hands on a hot young hunk like Lucas Drake is almost enough to convince us all into a change of career. Young Taylor Mason has been studying the art of massage for a little while and even though he’s not a licensed practitioner he’s eager to offer his handsome friend a little assistance when he finds out Lucas pulled something at the gym. A muscle is not the only thing getting pulled when Taylor heads over to visit and offer his healing hands. Cute little Taylor has barely laid his mitts on gorgeous shirtless Lucas before all pretense is abandoned and the two meet with a kiss. It’s quickly apparent that this particular passion has been bubbling away under the surface for some time as they strip down, Taylor’s greedy mouth quickly engulfing the tip of Drake’s handsome boner. Bobbing up and down on his friend’s engorged cock Taylor shows he has some natural skill in the art of massage, but he’s not the only one with such hunger. Lucas gets his chance to return the favor and doesn’t waste a moment, licking his buddy’s rigid cock, lapping at the tip and sliding his mouth along the shaft. With a little rimming of his pal’s smooth little butt hole Lucas gets his friend ready to take their BoyFun to the next level, offering his inches for slim little Taylor to take a seat on. It perhaps wasn’t intended to be a deep tissue massage, but that’s what it becomes when the fit young stud takes up position behind his buddy, fucking Taylor from behind while the boys big balls swing and sway and his cock dribbles precum. Remarkably, young Lucas seems to be feeling much better by the time he pulls his cock out of his friend ready to shower Taylor’s face with a volley of watery cum, splashing out over his friend, instantly encouraging his lean bottom buddy to pump his own thicker eruption of cream from his perfecly pink and hooded dick. A final sticky kiss brings their massage session to a perfect finish, there’s no doubt Lucas will be booking a regular appointment.


Nothing is too big for Staxus star Lucas Drake as long as he gets it hard and raw


Hot Blond Gets All His Ass Stretched & Jizzed By A Monster Cock!

Scene Title: Hot Blond Gets All His Ass Stretched & Jizzed By A Monster Cock! HD
Category: Monster Cocks
Featuring: Bjorn Nykvist, Lucas Drake
Scene Length: 18 minutes
Release Date: June 01, 2017

It’s no fucking wonder that Lucas Drake can’t keep his eyes off Bjorn Nykvist. Having jumped out of the pool after a invigorating swim and stripped off under the shower, Nykvist is donning one of the thickest, meatiest dicks that a young lad like Drake is ever likely to see; and it’s something of a miracle that the lad doesn’t choke on the apple that he’s munching as he gazes on at the heavenly form before him. Of course, his relaxed attitude may have something to do with the fact that he knows for certain that a guy like Nykvist isn’t ever going to turn down the chance to get intimate once he’s soaped and clean; and needless to say the two lads are soon taking full advantage of the situation to gobble away on each other’s shafts with all the gusto and eagerness that you’d expect from a pair of cock-crazed sluts like these.

Drake, in particular, doesn’t seem to be able to get enough of his mate’s oversized ramrod; but having stretched his jaw to breaking point to accommodate the monster schlong, he’s soon stretching his legs with the same expectation. Nykvist, to his credit, extends the passion by taking time to rim the horny twink’s hairless little pucker; but it’s not very long before the lust for dick simply gets too much for Drake, who promptly lands his ass down on that gorgeous chopper and rides it for all he’s worth.

It’s a move that’s almost certainly gonna go down a storm with our fans, as Drake manfully takes every inch; before switching positions to take it first from behind and then on his back. Culminating in a jizzy blast that leaves his hole twitching with goo!

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You could say they’re just greedy bastards, but there are some guys for whom one cock will never, ever be enough. In fact, they’re not satisfied until their dirty little whore-holes are being stretched to the max by two meaty dicks at exactly the same time!! Guys like Johnathan Strake and Lucas Drake, who not only ride double like old veteran pros, but who do it in fucking style – all of which soon results (not surprisingly) in some very sore asses! Good job their mates have plenty of spunk in the tank to cool those nicely ruined holes down!

Rob Nielsen, Adam Webb, Vitali Kutcher, Bjorn Nykvist, Jaro Stone, Lucas Drake, Vice Tood, Milan Silver, Johnathan Strake
Dirty Fuckers
123 minuten